Sunday, October 28, 2007

Bob and George In the House

This red two story craftsman on the 300 block of East Jefferson is not only one of my favorites houses in the area, but it is also home to two of the most popular scaries each Halloween: Bob and George. Bob is the black and grey monster on the left, George is the clown on the right. Bob made his premiere a couple of years ago (from the aisleways of T.J.Maxx, as I understand), and George the clown joined him last year. It only takes a short time for a Halloween tradition to be born here in Lincoln Park, so there you have it.

Bob and George came out of hibernation today, as you can see from the photo. Please join me in welcoming them back to the red house of Lincoln Park.

Count down to Halloween: 3 more days.

Oh, and here's a quiz: What color did the red craftsman used to be painted?


meg said...

My favorite Halloween houses are 1) the blue Victorian cottage on Columbia with the ghastly figure standing in the windown, looking kind of like the ghost of Marlow, and 2) the house on the 100 block of Lincoln with the pole of skulls hanging across the porch like shrunken-head trophies.

We just hit the 99¢ store this afternoon to stock up on candy. I'm not used to having to check on the expiration dates for sacks of sugar, but it's advisable.

Mark said...

I want to say thank you for Bob & George for their debut on the world wide web and the kind words about our house on Jefferson.
We will watch for Mr. Big as the Green Lantern on Halloween!
Best Regards! Mark & Mike