Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Things that make you go hmmm?

I have already made a post about 150 E. Alvarado Street. You can click on the link below for 150 E. Alvarado to see it. That's the beige victorian with green trim across the street from the Stater Bros' parking lot. The one that always has something dysfunctional (and usually toothless) happening around it's porch and driveway. It's also the other half of the mortuary (with the other half being across Garey and previously painted various shades of purple.)

What has me kind of baffled is the almost professionallly-done Halloween display they have going on at 150 E. Alvarado this Halloween. Now I assure you that the real people I usually see hanging out around this house are much more scarey looking than the fake one's pictured, but it's still puzzling that someone has decked the place out for the holiday. It's almost like someone connected to the place actually cares about the neighborhood. They even have a George the clown at the peak of the house, for goodness sakes. Weird.


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