Thursday, October 25, 2007

Post Removal

Prostitution is often a result of people finding themselves in desperate economic straights. As such, grandmas and grandpas and people with children can be prostitutes and pimps. I haven't seen the motor home in question, but was simply passing on info received from the neighborhood watch group. Since some one has raised a question to it's validity, I'm removing the post. I do know there has been an ongoing problem in the area with motorhomes fostering suspected illegal activity, since the city allows motor homes to park freely on the streets as long as they have a permit. People will exploit loopholes; that's just human nature. The Lincoln Park District is blocks from Holt Avenue, one of the preeminent locales for rampant prostitution according to some internet sites (really!). We are going to get overflow, especially if we roll out the carpet to moving motel rooms.

I apologize to any motor homes owners living in their motor homes on the streets of Lincoln Park who are not doing anything illegal inside. Pomona is truly one of the best places for RV parking in the United States, certainly among the cheapest, so please enjoy your stay.


meg said...

Oh, I wasn't calling bullshit on you, GoP -- just the report from the nabe-watch email. Which you rightly passed along to us, for its amusement value (regardless of whether one thinks the Flying Dutchstar is one of those if-this-van's-a'rockin' vehicles.

Ed said...

I'm with Meg about the amusement value, but I also think the RV permit issue is worthy of discussion. I just can't find the section in the muni code, although I thought it was there. If you know of an RV that I can call Code Enforcement on, send me an email.

Just for the record, a reportedly mobile bordello did manage to park in front of my house the first 3 years we lived here. And no, I didn't have firsthand knowledge of its business nature! A neighbor, not the councilmember, had the fortitude to periodically pound on the door----they don't park here NO more!

meg said...

My rude side (which is far larger than my polite side, to my mother's dismay) snickers and says, "I guess they're full up at the Pomona Auto Lodge."

Our last set of houseguests was completely gobsmacked to see chickies in slips lounging the doorways of the PAL, clearly looking for business. They thought that only happened in the movies, and movies set in the 1950s at that.