Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Just another airplane bungalow with the good fortune of landing in Pomona

Pictured is my favorite airplane bungalow in Lincoln Park, Pomona. "Airplane bungalow" refers to bungalows that have a very small (one or two room max) second story that looks like a cockpit atop the wing-like eaves. This one was painted deep browns and taupes a few years ago, and it could not look better. The colors make me crave hot chocolate every time I pass by it, which is saying something on a typical high 90's day. When my husband and I finally get around to reshingling and repainting our two story craftsman (which is about 10,000 lemonade stands in our future), I dream about it looking this good.

If you are also a lookie loo like me when it comes to craftsmen homes, check out one Portland neighborhod's ONLINE home tour, whose homeowners apparently have no qualms about opening their front door to the internet masses. I also like comparing Lincoln Park homes favorably to Pasadena real estate agent Steve Haussler's picture-laden website. If you weren't sure before looking in Pasadena, we get a remarkable amount of craftsman for the money here in Pomona, minus the hoity toity b.s. (and hey, we've got Claremont for that anyway.) Lastly, there's the website of our former real estate agent in the West Adams Historic District in Los Angeles, Natalie Neith.

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