Friday, August 10, 2007

You heard it here first: stabbing at Stater Bros.

So it seems the mystery of Thursday's low flying helicopters is solved. Word on the streets is that early Thursday evening, a man was chased through the Stater Bros. parking lot and stabbed immediately in front of the store. The man, who was stabbed five times in the stomach, is supposedly still in the hospital. It's said to be another situation where a member of gang "A" attacks a member of gang "B." How original! While I am sorry that anyone got injured, hopefully this will be a wake up call to Stater Bros. to keep their parking lot secure, and for the City to clean up the houses that border Stater Bros.

This segues into what was going to be my post anyway. Those of us who shop at Staters are all too familiar with the beige victorian I have as today's picture. It's the one across from the Alvarado side entrance and exit to Staters. This place never fails to provide Jerry-Springer-like-antics for passersby. Yesterday morning as Mr. Big and I were leaving Stater Bros., I heard a woman yell out, "I hope you get knifed." The yelling was, of course, coming from the seedy beige victorian. As I looked over, I saw a woman with attitude-a-plenty storming off the front porch of said victorian while another woman, with more attitude than teeth, sat on the porch with arms folded yelling back at her. Attitude woman marched in Stater Bros. and emerged as I was driving away with a bottle shaped paper bag in her hand. And where was she headed, now that she'd been 86'ed from beige victorian? To the Pomona Motor Lodge of course. (The subject of another post.) I am assuming she was either going to drink the contents or use it to bang on top of someone's head. I was on my way to the serenity of my Lincoln Park home by that point.

The good news? The telephone booth between beige Victorian and Pomona Motor Lodge no longer accepts collect calls (and advertises a great deal on calls to Mexico).

Be sure to click on the purple house link below to read a former post about how the beige Victorian is half of a former mortuary.

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