Friday, June 15, 2007

first "Take Back the Park Thursday" a small success

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Mr. Big and I were joined by two other Pomona parents and their children on Thursday morning for the kick off of "Take back the Park Thursday". That was two more parents and three more kids than would have normally been there, so hooray. Lots of folks are still in school, so we expect to see more in the morning starting next week. Given the high 90's temperatures on Thursday, I think we did okay. I heard from another father today that there was a group from the neighborhood at the park in the early evening as well.

The highlight of the Thursday morning event was the first ever arrest I've seen at the park. After telephone calls on the part of three local mothers to the police, a squad car came out to the park. The officer talked to one guy who has been in the park from about 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. for about a week now, and this discussion culminated in handcuffing him and taking him away. This person had obvious psychological problems, so the hope is that he is getting the help that he needs. Another squad car followed, and that officer questioned a guy who was parked along the sidewalk in front of the children's area. The guy has a regular habit of sitting in his motor home with the door open, with a view of the children's play area. While this guy was not arrested, he did move along about a half hour later.

Just another day in the park.

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all we have to do is take back the rest of the parks