Thursday, June 21, 2007

Vicodin with your wood chips?

2007-02-02: Vicodin.
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So today was the second "Take Back Lincoln Park Thursday." There was a group of us in the morning, even though it was very hot today. While the park was noticeably absent of suspicious people and activities while we were there, the wood chips were not. One mother found a bottle of vicodin in the wood chips in the children's play area. The bottle was unlabeled and there were 13 pills inside. It appeared that someone had hid the bottle it in the wood chips for safe keeping. How scarey if one of the children had seen it before we did. Yep, just another day at Lincoln Park.

I'm not sure if there was an evening group, as we got out there late. (I had no idea making tapioca pudding from scratch was so time consuming!)

There was some talk in the morning of meeting at Claremont's ultra-shady Larkin Park instead. So much for taking back Lincoln Park, at least in the mornings. Between the vicodin and the heat, we've got to do what's best for the kids.

Oh and I'm on Day 10 of waiting for a call back from council person Paula Lantz about issues at the park. Jeeesh.

P.S. In response to email I received about the vicodin: Yes, the mother who found the pills called the police immediately and despite her children being hot and hungry, she waited an hour for an officer to arrive. The officer's attitude towards the situation could best be described as lacksadaisical (as in, "What do you expect, it's Pomona?" No outrage, no nothing.) The mother and I told the officer expressly that we wanted him to write a formal report, as there has been a problem with syringes, broken bottles and knives being found in the play area. The officer said he would write a report, yet he asked the mother no questions and simply took the bottle and left. Oh and the council lady did finally call me back and now I'm the one who owes her a phone call.

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