Sunday, May 28, 2006

The "Pomona Problem"

According to Wilkpedia, in 2005 the population of Pomona was 160,815. We measure 22.8 square miles, making us the fifth largest city in L.A. County. Funny we don't seem all that big to me. We're the birthplace of musician Tom Waits and steriod-friendly jock Mark McGuire. Jessica Alba is a Pomona home girl, and Eldrige Cleaver spent the last year, and day, of his life here. I think the greater world is of the opinion that a lot of people have spent their last day here, with most lives coming to a violent end.

When I look around Pomona, I don't see where it is all THAT bad. I'm sure there are a few pockets (along Holt Street). I do believe the days of senseless violence are behind us. Of course it does not help when a mother puts her toddler in a washing machine at our local Spin Cycle, or when a random shooting of a CHP officer occurs outside our courthouse. Seems there's no shortage of senseless violence stories to put Pomona's dark side on the world's radar. But the day to day feeling on the street can best be described as small town urban if you ask me.

Sometimes there's an upside to being an overlooked city. Because Pomona hasn't been overdeveloped, many of Pomona's old buildings and facades are still here. The City of Pomona has been on the ball about declaring several historic districts, which preserves some pretty unique and beautiful housing stock. Even where homes are not necessarily well-tended in the historic areas, there are diamond in the roughs just waiting for someone to restore them to their former beauty. And I believe someone eventually will.

So the good news is that lots of what makes Pomona unique will be saved, unlike other areas that become redundant with the usual suspect of stores and a "this could be anywhere" lack of a sense of place. Who wants Ontario Mills when you have old town Pasadena. Pomona has potential. Pomona has personality.


Anonymous said...

I grew up in Pomona and I think your blog is FANTASTIC!!! Wow! There is a lot more going on there than I ever remember...maybe that was just the typical teenage "there's nothing to do in this GD town" blues.

Makes me miss home!

Anonymous said...

Hey there Goddess!
Just saw you and Mr. Big out for a walk - hubby and I passed you as we were giving in to our kid's Lincoln Park swing fetish. This blog is fantastic!
I thought I'd share what the local artists call that fancy schmancy town next to us:
I'll be checking in often and spreading the word about this resource for us cool kids!
-Puppet Lady

Goddess of Pomona said...

Thanks for stopping in, Puppet Lady, and for being the first Pomona mom to actually post. Good thing Mr. Big didn't touch your daughter as it turns out he's got hand, foot and mouth disease. Ugggh. Expect more typos around here from this tired mom.