Saturday, May 27, 2006

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As a mom living in Pomona with a toddler, I've seen a definite need for a place where local moms and dads can exchange ideas and information on the activities and services that are available to us, and how we can make Pomona a better place to live and breath. I keep running into the same mothers over and over again out there at the local activities I do attend (usually those of the free and low cost variety), and we brief each other on things to do and see, all the while wondering where all the OTHER mothers in Pomona are at. My hope is to get some of those mystery mothers (and yes fathers) of Pomona to this blog as part of creating a more organized, local scene of people.

If I had the start-up money, I'd open a neighborhood meet up center. I kind of had my eye on that empty and decaying Lamplighter-type restaurant at the corner of Garey and Alvarado. Absent a physical space, I've created a virtual one. I hope you'll stick around to contribute and benefit from the information here.

As for Pomona, I am suprised at how much we enjoy living here. Previously, we have lived in more urban areas, like Los Angeles, Oakland and San Francisco. I can still remember kicking and screaming as my husband drove me out here from Los Angeles to see a house for sale he had found on the internet. He claimed it was in some sort of historical district and my reply was, "In Pomona?" For the past 3 years, we have lived in that house he saw on the internet, a 1911 craftsman home, complete with dark woodwork and original built ins. Our house is in Pomona's Lincoln Park Historic District, a great neighborhood to take a walk in. Even at night. I try to walk in the neighborhood every single day. Having lived most recently in L.A. proper, we are perpetually grateful to be able to walk around our block without rabid dogs approaching.

The only price of admission to the blog is having to put up with my opinions. Let me make it clear that I love Pomona, but there is plenty of room for improvement. Sometimes opinions can come across stronger in print, so please keep that in mind when reading and commenting. In order to be successful, this blog has to be a place where people of all persuasions and opinions can feel comfortable to exchange ideas.
As the site grows, there will no doubt be less of ME and more of YOU. At least that's the working goal.

While my son and husband are both bilingual, I, sadly, am not. Perhaps down the line one of you can help me to make this a bilingual blog.

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