Sunday, May 28, 2006

Mommy Dearest

Most of the links I've listed in my links section to the right are local organizations with kid-oriented programs or events. Some of them, however, are other mommy blogs, from which I have drawn inspiration. These are fun to read during that one or two moments during the day when my son actually allows me to sneak on the computer. I am at least of the impression that most mothers typically get to do things when their children sleep. Well Mr. Big has always done everything in spades BUT sleep. We were puzzled by how little he seemed to sleep as a baby, based on the pre-conceived image in our minds of the peacefully sleeping baby. I'm told this is a sign of intelligence, but it is also a sign of insomnia, which his father has big time. Lately Mr. Big has been refusing to nap and becomes absolutely manic and overzealous toward the later part of the afternoon. Clearly he still needs the nap, yet he won't nap. The upside to this, is that he goes down earlier than his usual 10 or 11 p.m. bedtime, which has been enabling me to get this blog up and running. So as with many aspects of motherhood, I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry about our current sleep schedule.

So while I am still awake, I am announcing my mommy blogs of the day, which are something shallow, something deep and something local: This site is pretty darn decadent, but it's always a boost to see that your own kid is better looking than some celebrity's kid. Have you SEEN the Charlie Sheen kids? Recently there was a photo of Cindy Crawford's cellulite and they have lots of baby product giveaways. I'll admit to being addicted to logging on to this site for the latest on whose pregnant and what sling Brad Pitt will be using to carry Shiloh. I am usually fairly anti-celebrity, so I'm thinking that those of you who are into People Magazine will really enjoy this blog. A site dedicated to improving the plight of mothers everywhere. Also has ideas for starting up local clubs. Nudge, nudge. blog run by a Claremont mother of two munchkins. I met her oh so briefly once at a Jewish festival where we were introduced by a mutual friend (and twin mom). The site is funny and irreverent about living in the I.E. It includes a link to her other blog, Book Buds, where the Inland Empress reviews new children's books.

Computer things for kids to do while kicking it at home in Pomona: log on a free educational game site. My personal favorite is a french one called Poisson Rouge, although Big prefers the less arty Sesame Street Workshop. Do a google search for both of these, as for some reason the link won't work.


Ms. Mamma said...

Dang! Snowflake was never a napper, period! I'll definitely take that as a sign of genius. ;) Just stumbled across your very nice blog and it makes me wish I was a Pomonan or at least a Pomegranite.

Goddess of Pomona said...

thanks for stopping by. hey, I'm also a chuck bukowski fan. checked out your blog and oh my goodness: snowflake and Mr. Big could be twins (this is kind of freaking me out in fact). For now, I've decided not to post Big's photo on line since I give our town's location and all, or I'd show you.

Anonymous said...

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