Monday, July 14, 2014

Trader Joelessness

There's been a bright red Trader Joe's shopping cart in Lincoln Park for a few days. This seems like some distance for it to come, given that there are no Trader Joe's in all of Pomona (the fifth largest city in L.A. County.)

I wrote a post about my own Trader Joe's envy a few years back. My post actually got picked up by the Los Angeles Times blog.

While most places are clamoring to get a Trader Joe's, members of a community in Portland, Oregon successfully convinced Trader Joe's not to come there.

I suppose it's better to have no hope of a Trader Joe's than to think it's a done deal that you're getting one, only to find out you're not. And poor Upland: they had a Trader Joe's for years, only to have it up and close on them recently. My point is I'm coping with Trader Joelessness just fine.

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