Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Living in Pomona Can Be Taxing

Pictured above: just one of Pomona's many tax services.

One business that is booming in Pomona is apparently that of tax preparation. From the longstanding H&R Block on Garey, the "Across the Street Tax Service" that is "across the street" from The Garden on Garey (hence the name I guess), to the newly built from the ground up Sierra Tax Service, Pomona has us covered.

Before Sierra Tax Service went in I kind of wondered what was being built kiddy korner from Curly's Key Shop. They had the funding and high hopes to take an empty lot, build a brand new building and even - brace yourself- landscape it! I would have preferred architecture that fit more in with the historic area, but I blame the City for not making that happen. So welcome Sierra Tax Service to the corner of Palomares and Monterey. Hopefully Sierra will find itself along the Palomares Bike Path that will run from Lincoln Park to 2nd Street if this goddess' hopes and dreams ever have their way. In the meantime, it's kind of located in a not so pleasant stretch to bike or walk through to get downtown. So perhaps it will offer a small beacon of light to that stretch.

Just got my taxes done this morning, but if you need a hand today, try out one of Pomona's many tax preparation companies.

P.S. I wanted to get a decent photo of the lady liberty sign spinner at Garey and Holt. He wears glasses, has a lot of spirit and always makes me smile as I go through that intersection. If anyone snaps a good photo of him, please email me and I will post him on the blog! However, by tomorrow, the day after tax day, he may be just another fond Pomona memory...

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