Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Secret No More

I am coming out of retirement because my fingers just can not sit still about someone chopping down John Greenlee's secret garden. Minutes ago, I drove down Franklin Street and saw that the once secret garden is well in the midst of being killed. What was once a beautiful meadow by the nationally known "Grass Guru" (a Pomona homeboy/ favorite son!!) is now chopped stumps and dirt. The privacy that was afforded by the large plantings there has been stripped away to expose the nothingness that remains. So Sad!!! Yet another righteous and cool thing about Pomona that has been destroyed. For what?

Hopefully Ren can get us some photoraphs of the destruction, as my guess is that they'll be at it again on Monday...But for now, here's a link to what was once a Pomona beauty.

And now that the secret is out of the bag, to get to the formerly secret meadow, you go down Garey towards the 60 fwy, turn left on Franklin and it's on the left side about 10 houses down. And don't forget to keep an eye out for bamboo house (across the street and closer to Garey), another Greenlee/Simple creation.



Ren said...

Hey Goddess glad you liked the sign, I also tried to send you some pics but they keep coming back. And am not to sure if you got that you that Youtube Video.But anyway thanks again for the tip on the garden. You and the family take care now....B^)

Anonymous said...

That Bamboo House @ Franklin & Garey is so FABULOUS! Red with yellow trim....a magical quality and such a delight to drive by. I LOVE this house ! An Art Work !!!!