Thursday, December 09, 2010

A Bloggers' Wonderland

A reminder that the Pomona holiday parade is this Saturday, December 11, 2010, traveling down 2nd Street in downtown. The various people from the variety of blogs about town, including this goddess and Mr. Big, are going to have an entry. Look for wreaths and trees decorated with computer paraphernelia, lots of blue T-shirts and a banner donning our above-pictured Pomona bloggers union logo (thanks Arts Colonist bloggers).

Here's the line up of Mayor Moochie's most wanted (compliments of Original Skrip):

I'm not too nervous, as there are usually more people IN the Pomona parade than watching the parade. Nevertheless, I need to get back to practicing my smiles and waves to the people along the street who will likely be wondering who we even are.

In any event, I get to check off yet another item from my Pomona wish list: a bloggers float in the parade. About time.

And here is the rest of it.


Ren said...

I can't waite to see the smile on Mayor Moochies face.

Ed said...

Mayor Moochie.....hilarious. I've going with "Mayor Photo-op", but Moochie has a nice ring.

Thanks for posting!

Ren said...

I do have shirts for sale that say
Mayor Moochie
you can see what they look like on my blog