Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Case of the Lincoln Park Peacocks

This morning while sitting on the couch, I heard what sounded like a small party horn. Mr. Big, the human party horn, was upstairs at the time, so I knew it wasn't him. When the horn sounded again, I looked out our back window to find a peacock in our backyard. After running upstairs to get Big, we discovered three more circling the house.

We have seen the four roaming peacocks (or peahens, not sure if they spread out all the way) in Lincoln Park for a couple of months now. They are usually in front of Ted Pugh's old Lincoln Park castle. Their presence outside Ted's old place is pretty cool, given his history with peacocks. I'm not sure if the four of them just happened to naturally find themselves at Ted's, or whether they have been purchased by the occupants of Ted's house. We were close enough to the birds today to see that they are tagged, since most of the morning was spent watching the birds hang out around our house. I was suprised that they walked within four feet of us.

At one point, two of the peacocks struck a pose on our front porch wall and the other two were vogue-ing on our first floor roof (in between looking in our sleeping porch windows). And stupid me had to leave both of my digital cameras locked up at work this weekend!!! I know you can photoshop such things, but I am hellbent on getting that perfect picture of them in front of our house. IF they ever come back.

During their two hour visit, I kept thinking how their almost mythical presence really did make me feel like the goddess of Pomona - at least for today - and that maybe I should try harder to figure out what the heck has been going on with this blog.

Here is what I know. About six months ago, I logged on the blog and saw that a photograph of Gumby over a city skyline had replaced my screen photo. I laughed and changed it back, and didn't think much about it. Then a couple months ago, I tried to log in, but I was locked out. Tonight, thanks to the Lincoln Park peacocks, I finally got down to business, figured it out and here I am posting again.

THE END And here is the rest of it.


Ms. Lois said...

Goddess, you're back! Welcome! It was good to see you and Mr. Big the other day.

John Clifford said...

Welcome back. You've been missed. A simple change of my RSS settings and I can now check in on you daily.

Thanks to Original Scrip for having the latest postings on his site.

Ren said...

Yo welcome back

Skrip said...

Yay! Goddess is around once again! Always great to see you back. I'm still hanging in there!

LinknPark said...

Just saw them again today...they seem to be multiplying.