Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Another Pomona Dream Realized?

Driving down Garey, I noticed there is now a kids store downtown, on Garey around 2nd or 3rd Street. Yet another sign of life down town. I even hear that kids are beginning to live downtown. I tend to believe this, since Mr. Big and I met one 8 year old the other day. A real live kid who lives downtown that is. And it's not every day Big meets another kid who has seen movies at the Pomona Fox, bands at Thomas Plaza and

regularly eats at Pho Vi. It kind of seems like a play date is in order, if we ever run into this kid again and if he can fit us into his culturally busy lifestyle downtown. Perhaps they can even go fishing in Lake Pomona once the rain fills it back up. Maybe they'll catch one of Tim Saunders' signs. In Pomona, the possibilities are endless.


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Skrip said...

Yes, I personally know a few kids who live there in the artsy lofts of downtown Pomona. My kids love to go for the pho' as well. A definite change of times.