Sunday, October 11, 2009

Planned Visibility

Cross and Sign
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For the past couple of weeks there have been protesters outside Pomona Planned Parenthood. This is the first time I have seen protestors there since we've lived here. The Planned Parenthood building was the first thing we noticed as we descended into Pomona from the Garey offramp some six and a half years ago to look at Lincoln Park craftsman homes for sale. Expecting a "Welcome to Pomona" sign, we were greeted instead with... an abortion clinic.

I had the same two questions then as I do now: I wonder how the Planned Parenthood came to open up there of all places? And, whatever your views on abortion, who would feel comfortable going to obtain birth control supplies or procedures at a location so visible? For what it's worth, PPP received two positive reviews on

To me, it just seems like a case of really poor planning!

My husband has been telling me forever to read about the history of Planned Parenthood, especially as it relates to why you tyically find their clinics in areas of color. I finally did and here's a link if anyone is interested. (Bear with me if the link it not up, as I may not have time to patch it right away. If you're eager, just google the founder of Planned Parenthood.)


Anonymous said...

They probably showed up because of the replaced burnt palm tree that you bloged about a few months ago.
Just kidding!

I agree, whatever ones position is on abortion, it looks tacky to have them at that exit with signs etc.
It's not the most welcoming feeling to people new to Pomona or residents for that matter.

Anonymous said...

Uh, that used to be the Girl Scouts headquarters... not that that has anything to do with it. I wasn't a Girl Scout, I was a Camp Fire Girl.

Anonymous said...

I’m not going to be shy about my views on abortion, having had an unwanted pregnancy. And while I “chose” to keep my children (yes, it was twins), I was glad to have had the choice to make. As for the Planned Parenthood on Garey, it has never bothered me and I am glad that there is such an organization, which, by the way, provides far more services to women than simply abortions.

With regard to its location on Garey, it is certainly no less visually annoying than the two gas stations and Del Taco that you see coming down the off ramp.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 4:31 PM:

Well said.

Anonymous said...

I too concur with Anonymous #3, Planned Parenthood provides more than abortions such as affordable birth control & other preventive methods, HIV testing, LGBT services, Pap tests, education on sex or STDs, pregnancy services, etc. Best of all, you don't need to go in with medical insurance. "...greeted instead abortion clinic." It's way more than an abortion clinic!

Kate Thornton said...

The building is a much more pleasant sight than many on Garey, with its low-key paint and plain signage. And as several have observed, they provide needed medical services to many who might otherwise not have access to them.

I will always be grateful that Planned Parenthood was there when I was poor and without insurance and they provided early cancer detection services.

When I became finacially viable, I made them my designated charity every year during my employer's United Way drive. (Yeah, that was a long time ago!)

Their clinics provide a plethora of services, use a sliding payment scale, and are frequently found in areas where there is the most need or where the building is available. Many medical staff are volunteers. The clinic on Lake Avenue in Pasadena is a good example of a high-visibility location, much more so than the one on Garey.

Frankly, there is nothing much of any outstanding aesthetic value on that stretch of Garey - mostly doctors and dentists and florists - the commercial adjuncts of the hospital - along with all the other usual small businesses, franchises and empty storefronts.

I think a lovely welcoming sight at our offramps would be very nice, but I'm willing to settle for an unobtrusive building.

If you think of Planned Parenthood as just an abortion clinic, then you have missed most of the services they offer.

I think of their sign as a welcoming one - they welcomed me once, and saved my life.

calwatch said...

The Girl Scout headquarters used to be where the Korean Methodist Church youth center is now, at Towne and San Bernardino. And before that, it was the AAA office. To my knowledge, the Planned parenthood site has always been a medical clinic of some sort.

Anonymous said...

I don't have any problem with the building itself... it's the protesters & the signs in their hands.
I actually like a bunch of the buildings north & south of the freeway on Garey. They just are not kept up very well.

Goddess of Pomona said...


Thank you for telling such a nice story about PPP. I plan to think of your story as I pass by from now on.

I still don't think it's the greatest location to put the place. One of my friends insists that it is a fantastic location, as it makes it convenient and visible to all who may need to seek services there. But, I still don't get it.

G of P

Anonymous said...

Seems a perfect place to me. It is, after all, adjacent to other medical facilities and I imagine the rent isn't that high.

Anonymous said...

calwatch, the Girl Scouts were on Garey Ave. before they moved to Towne and San Bernadino. I'm thinking my "used to be" memory is longer than yours, wink.

I agree, Planned Parenthood provides many needed services.