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Herb Fest Pomona Saturday October 10, 2009

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It is not every day that the Goddess of Pomona receives email from the Goddess of Garey Avenue. But it happened this week for the very first time. The ocassion? To request that I put the word out about Herb Fest to be held this Saturday at the recently burned-and-resurrected Garden nursery. This is the type of thing that is very important to goddesses in Pomona.

Here's the particulars in the words of the goddess who works Garey:

"Herb Fest
Sat. October 10th, 2009, 10am-4pm

Herb fest is cornucopia of information, seeds, and plants.

In the course of the day, underneath the old walnut tree that
survived the fire, there’s going to be an abundance of free
workshops on all things to do with herbs:

11am -- Growing and Using Herbs -- herbs 101, taught by Kathleen
noon -- Companion Planting -- of herbs and vegetables, who likes
who and what likes what, taught by Dawn
1pm -- Soils and Amending Your Soils, taught by Robert
2pm -- Medicinal Herb Preparation -- using herbs you grow,
taught by Olympia
3pm -- Regional Herbs -- of the Southwest & Mediterranean
Climates, taught by Martha

It should be a really great time and a lot of knowledge shared. Come
out for one or a couple or all of the workshops if you can. There’s
going to be a lot of great information.

The Garden already also has a lot of herbs in pots to choose from and will have a shipment of seeds in too for fall and winter planting,
etc., but also the Italian seed company Franchi is going to have a
booth of seeds, as well.

The Garden’s new website is also up and going now with info on the event.

Come out to Herb Fest and support our local business (instead of Home Depot of course), expand your home gardens, and increase your knowledge of herbs, how to grow them, and how to use them too!"

Back to the words of the usual Goddess around here: today's photo is of a child working in a Pomona garden in 1970 from Flickr.com. It seemed a fitting photo for encouraging everyone to continue the Pomona gardening tradition by coming out to Herb Fest. You are guaranteed to spot at least one goddess there (the one specifically assigned to Garey), as well as the one who'll be trying to get away from soccer and a birthday party to stop by.


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