Friday, July 17, 2009

Are you in good hands?

You’re in good hands
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As of last month, our homeowner's insurance went from $89 a month to $140. I'm not good at math, but that's a big hike. When I called Allstate, the agent said that they have raised their rates for older homes because they have found that older homes are much more expensive to replace. While this is assuring - in light of the recent fire -that we do in fact have replacement value coverage, I'm wondering if others experienced this same hike. What other insurance companies does anyone recommend for older homes, as a real estate person told me over the weekend that Allstate was one of the few that understand old homes. Ours is a 1910.



Anonymous said...

We are with Allstate too and yes, ours went up for the same reason.

me said...

Have you shopped around at all since finding out? They couldn't tell me if this was an insurance-wide thing or just them.

G of P

Joel said...

We also have Allstate coverage on our 1928 home, but haven't yet been notified of a hike.

Was the actual amount of coverage increased, or did they just jack up the rate for the same amount of coverage? I'd find the former much easier to swallow, though even that seems like something that should be arranged with your approval. And if it's the latter, their explanation is bunk.


Joel said...

On an unrelated Allstate note:

I was fed up with our Allstate agent's frequent lame "happy *insert holiday name here*, valued customer" automated telemarketing and had to complain loudly and repeatedly to get them to stop. They tried to claim first that the calls weren't marketing, and then that they had no way to stop them, but they were wrong on both counts. The whole thing left a bad taste in my mouth in dealing with them.

Do any of you have experience filing actual claims with them? We haven't had any in the 5 or so years we've been with Allstate, so they haven't had a chance to disappoint us yet on that front.


me said...

Joel - No, there was no change in the coverage than before. WE have always had replacement coverage due to realtors explaining how important it was with these old houses. Since your house is 1928, perhaps 1920 is the cut off?