Thursday, May 07, 2009

Get Up and Do Something on Saturday

Get Up and Do Something
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Saturday, May 9, as in tomorrow, is Pomona Clean Up Day. If there's a plot of land, or a little peice of blight, that's been bothering you, Saturday's the day you can go out and do something about it. Hmmm...come to think of it there's a giant hole on Second Street that's been really pissing me off...

I was going to take on the former Memorial of the Lone Palm Tree Fire of 2007 (conveniently located between Planned Parenthood and Shell at the 10 freeway and Garey) but someone actually beat me to the punch. Anyone else notice that the former Memorial's planter currently has a LIVE tree in it, as do the other planters near it on Garey?

If you want a social situation, there will be groups of people meeting at the Palomares Adobe and also at the Lincoln Elementary School Garden. Otherwise, there's a whole City to choose from. It goes all morning, althought truth be told we should feel free to clean up this city anytime we feel so inclined. I just wish Pomona streets and maintenance read the blog.

For more info, you can telephone the Chamber of Commerce at 622-1256. YOu can also go their website, but there's not much there on it.

Afterwards, there's free lunch at the Fairplex. A special full moon 2nd Street ARt WAlk that night, and various Mother's Day obligations on Sunday. Why you can even celebrate Buddha's 3036th Birthday at Pomona's newest buddhist monastery all day Saturday. Stay tuned for a full post on my recent visit to the monastery.

Yet again, another weekend that makes it hard to leave Pomona. Then again, who would want to?

Speaking of birthdays, the blog turns 3 years old this month. What shall I do to celebrate?


Anduhrew said...

buddha's birthday was on the 2nd! but i guess that depends on which lunar calendar one is looking at.

Anonymous said...

I propose a civil protest. I suggest that each of us fill a small container with earth, and take it to Second Street to pour it into Watts hole. If enough of us to it, we can fill the pit! Ha!

Anonymous said...