Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Empty fields

Does anyone know what has happened to the City of Pomona's Parks and Rec activities? I tried to find a list of current offerings online, but saw nothing on the City's website (or elsewhere) except for archived listings.

P.S. I still haven't thought of anything irrelevant enough to post on Twitter. Can anyone help me out, or am I in here alone?



Empoprises said...

So, what did you have for dinner? That's always a good start to irrelevancy. :)

Anduhrew said...

i'm going to join twitter for the sole reason of finding out what you do with it.

Anonymous said...

If you could be a tree... what kind of tree would you be?
That's all I got.

Ms. Lois said...

How about, "what was the last book you read?"

Ms. Bermudez said...

Thank you, I am glad you asked such a question about Parks and Rec activities. I have been bothered by this since January. Remember it used to be in a beautiful mailer called 'Pomona Pastimes'. I believe it came in the fall, winter and spring. I looked for it in the mail in January and I finally called the City rec. dept. They said they had to discontinue 'Pomona Pastimes' due to the budget problems. At the time they had no idea whether they would be posting online or creating a list. So...I got so frustrated... I thought about all the people, especially the youth and how they do not have access to a listing of activities and classes in Pomona. Unfortunately, I became busy with other activites. In March I happened to be at city hall & went upstairs to the p&r depart. to ask about any local Easter Egg Hunts. They hadn't any idea. I was able to finally get a listing for winter and spring programs/services. It is has only 4 pages of classes. A co-worker takes a course with the city, and because it is no longer advertised in Pastimes, enrollment is really low. It makes sense.All of this is very disappointing. What can be done?

Ed said...

There is a Parks and Rec Commission meeting, that I believe is scheduled for May 14th. I'm assuming any item not on the agenda can be discussed in the beginning. Perhaps, someone needs to attend and ask why the events aren't being published on the website.

I'd also suggest that the Council members be notified, since many of them probably don't even know about the problem.

Thanks for shedding light on the absence.

Anonymous said...

There is a Parks and Rec committee that meets every second Thursday of the month. As with any meeting, there is a public comment period at the beginning of the meeting.

I just read on Pomona Now that Pop Warner Football is back. Isn't that considered one of the Parks and Rec activities?

Check out the City Clerk's web docs to see if the agenda is posted. Maybe the listing thing is on the agenda?

Anonymous said...

She would make a good nut tree.