Friday, May 08, 2009

Comings and Goings

I just got some email from David Sherer, who is a member of a new business on 2nd Street called MIRAMAR LONGBOARDS. Their new shop is located next to the used bookshop in the 100 block of 2nd Street. They will be having a grand opening celebration tomorrow night as part of the ARt Walk, so check it out if you go down there. David grew up in Lincoln Park, in the peach mediterrenean at the corner of Lincoln and Gibbs. He mentioned the ginko biloba tree in the yard there, which is only my favorite symbol of Fall in all of Pomona.

I have a sad note about another former resident of Lincoln Park: Jean, who along with her little dog Rosie, used to live in the formerly red and white two story craftsman at Palomares and Columbia. She died yesterday. As we were both dog walkers, I used to talk to her nearly every day our first few years we lived here. She raised 8 children (or was it 10?) in that house, and countless pet rats and hampsters (the descendants of which she believed were still running around in that house somewhere). While most people I pass on the street don't know why we named our dog Thelonious, I was struck by her excited reaction upon first hearing our dog's name: "You mean Thelonious Monk?" She clearly liked her jazz. Who would've thunk?

Jean also kept her house in nearly original condition for the 40 years she lived there. She sold the house a few years ago and moved in with relatives out of the area. I ended up becoming friends with the people who bought Jean's house, which is where I was tonight, and where I heard, while sitting in Jean's beautiful old living room, that she had passed. She was 82 years old. I'm glad I got the chance to know her.



Anduhrew said...

sorry to hear about jean, and I'll HAVE to check out the board shop.

Anonymous said...

Please change the background color of your blog so that there is more contrast between it and the black of the letters. It is too difficult to read.