Sunday, March 01, 2009

Sign of the Times?

This afternoon at Central Ave. and Moreno in Montclair, there was a guy in a monkey mask holding a sign that said "Kiss my Hairy Ass." I pay attention to curbside sign twirlers ever since my husband informed me that twirling is considered an underground art form. But with a sign like "Kiss My Hairy Ass," I think this guy would have gotten my attention no matter what.

The flip side of the monkey man's sign simply had a question mark and a drawing of a banana. In other words, he was not "human advertising" for a business. Rather, he was just out there telling the world off on his own time. Or, he was trying to make people laugh. I'm really not sure which. Which means that what I saw was either really sad, or pretty funny.



Anduhrew said...

oh man! I rode my bike out that way and took East end instead of central to get to the Montclair Circuit City. I wish I would've taken Central back like i had planned! I just missed it.

Ren said...

Hey Ashley your monkey got loose again Goddess seen it in Montclair better go get him before the homeless make monkey stew out of him.

Skrip said...

You have just witnessed a rare sighting of the MONTCLAIR MONKEY!

A. S. Ashley said...

REN! You keep my flying monkey out of this!

Anonymous said...

I am leaning twords "it's funny!"

I probably would have fell on the ground laughing had I come across the twirling angry monkey.

We all need a good laugh these days.