Monday, December 15, 2008

Picturing Pomona

We each have our own image of what Pomona should be. The odd thing is that most of us online seem to hold fairly similar hopes for Pomona. Yet our hopes are usually diametrically opposed to what actually happens in our City government.

I wondered if looking at how others "picture" Pomona could be of any help to our current state of affairs:

Above is pouty-lipped "Monna Pomona" by Rosetti

The story goes that this guy named Vertumnus shape-shifted himself into an old woman in order to convince Pomona of how great marriage would be for her. Previous to this, Pomona was only interested in her garden.

Above is Frenchman Jean Ranc's interpretation of the same scene.

And this one is Francesco Melzi's version. Melzi was a pupil of Leonardo.

Here's Vertumnus changed back into a man, and getting busy with Pomona. This sculpture is by Camille Claudel and is housed at the Musee Rodin.

Here's Pomona as mosaic, featuring her right armpit.

Another armpit shot.

Above is the sculpture that stands Outside the Chicago Board of Trade Building.

That's the Goddess of Pomona on the left and Ceres on the right, welcoming folks to the New York Fair on an old promotional poster.

A rather nice bas relief on the Cornell University campus.

"Pomona" by Nicolay Antonov.

Not sure where this one comes from, but I like her attitude.

Unknown. Feel free to say if you know who painted this.

A Los Angeles Times' photographer's image of Pomona as a broken City.

The Penninsula Hotel at 5th Avenue and 55th STreet. Pomona on the left and Diana on the right.

A famous one by Nicolas Fouche.

Hey, how'd Norma get in here? Please call security.

This one is by someone named T.F. Simon. I'm not even sure if it's supposed to be the goddess, but this is one of my favorites - too bad it's so blurry.

"Pomona" by T.F.Simon.

Pomona as she appears in Thomas Plaza on Second Street. Thank you to Senior Staff Photographer Richard E. Nunez for the shot.


PomonaResident said...

No, there was nothing said from the council about the "Romero issue" except that he had retired voluntarily. There were a few comments in the public comment session besides Virginia Madrigal in support of Romero punctuated in direct proportion to the vitriol with audience applause. One man whose name I didn't catch gave his home phone number and vowed to recall Rothman stating something like, "I have known you Elliot for a long time and I know all your flaws, and you have no strengths..." which was meet with the largest show of applause and cheers of the evening from I would guess 60% of the audience in attendance. No facts were adduced on either side of the issue so it remains as clouded in mystery as before. Overall, nothing was accomplished for the evening.

It was discussed but not decided to expend monies on a special election for a council member in district 5. Appoint or elect? There was no decision. There will be a follow up meeting Friday at 7pm in the chamber to review all of the candidates. In the end, there will be an appointment after review of the candidates at the special meeting on Friday.

Ren said...

Its nice to see someone is doing there home work nice job on the goddess of pomona thing and I was going to go to the meeting but I didnt think much would happen or talk about a recall but am glad to hear there are people out there getting the ball rolling.POWER TO THE PEOPLE.

Anduhrew said...

I'm curious how many people of Pomona don't go online...

do they feel differently?

Pride in Garfield Park said...

My favorite image is the mosaic! I do love mosaics. Speaking of which, does anyone have a nice image of the Pomona mosaic down on 2nd Street? I'd love to get a print of that one.

Thank you, Goddess, for pulling together all these images!

Ren said...

There is one on my blog. that
I took I did little touch up because the day I went it was looking a little dirty but check it out.

Garrett Sawyer said...