Friday, November 14, 2008

New Pomona Businesses

pomona general store 1
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Today's photo was taken in Pomona, Illinois. The building in the photo houses a general store, cafe, gas station and post office ALL IN ONE. In Pomona, California, it is sometimes difficult to find all of these things.... in separate places. But in the past couple of weeks, some new businesses have opened up about town, so let's be thankful for what we got:

The "Green Mini Mart" is celebrating it's grand opening at Holt and Palomares, in the old smokeshop storefront. Quite the act to follow. From my car, which is about as close as I ever intend to get to the place, it looks like the Green Mini Mart sells condoms and Jolt colas. I"m hoping they don't sell liquor, but I wouldn't bet money on their not doing so.

Pomona also boasts a new independent gas station at that corner, called, aptly enough, "Pomona Gas." I've always liked that little station anyways, and gas is $2.25 a gallon there right now!

The gas station at Alvarado and Garey also recently changed hands to an indepent whose name isn't quite as catchy as Pomona Gas, but is something like S &W. Gas is cheaper and the gas station is lot more crowded than it ever was when it was a chain.



Anduhrew said...

When is that Yogurt shop in Downtown going to open?

Anonymous said...

Actually, the gas station at Garey and Alvarado, next to the motel is call G&M.

me said...

there's already a yogurt shop on mission, just east of garey (north side of street) called C-berry. it's even been reviewed on here.

ok, G of Garey, but I wonder what the M stands for?
G of P