Sunday, November 02, 2008

Paula Lantz Sits Down with the Goddess

A couple weeks ago, I sent out candidate questionnaires to the two most visible candidates for the District 4/Lincoln Park council seat: Paula Lantz and Primo Castro. I tried to find an email for the third and only other candidate, Jonathon Askugue, but was unsuccessful. I only received a response back from incumbent Paula Lantz (pictured above in front of her electric car). This was curious, since Primo Castro has two or three times initiated emails to me asking for publicity on the blog. I unexpectantly met Primo on Pomona's historic home tour (in Ed of M M M My Pomona's master bedroom of all places) and Primo was agreeable to taking part in the candidate questionnaire at that time. But I've heard nothing in response to my email of questions to Castro. So, Paula will apparently be the only one coming for tea today. Please welcome her to the blog.

Paula Lantz (PL): "When I asked the Goddess about how long she expected the answers to be, she implied that bloggers aren’t noted for their long attention spans. Of course, I had already written my Tome, so I created a “short and sweet” version as she suggested. I also let her know that if there truly were a “short and sweet” answer to the first 4 questions, I would be the Presidential candidate, not those other two guys! You can read the unedited version if you are the exception, or just curious…

GoP: Please note, Paula's unedited version will appear in the post below this one, entitled "Paula Unplugged."

GoP: What do you see as the 3 biggest problems in Pomona overall, and how would you address each one?

PL: The three biggest problems in Pomona are:
Not enough money for necessary infrastructure and service improvements
Lack of Community engagement or involvement
Efforts to divide us based on Culture or Ethnicity

FYI… Education is a HUGE issue, but those questions belong to candidates for the School Board, next year. This Superintendent has brought a new way of doing things and a breath of fresh air to us all. There are now afterschool programs at every school, public and private, in District 4. Programs in the public schools go from 3 to 6, and are free. There are 2 new Preschools too, one at St. Paul’s Episcopal and one operated by the Y at First Methodist Church.

GoP: What do you see as the 3 biggest problems in our district overall, and how would you address each one?

PL: The three biggest problems in District 4 are:
Property Maintenance
Illegal/unpermitted construction
Buildings and Behaviors on Holt Avenue

GoP: Many residents are of the belief that the biggest problem in Pomona is not crime or poverty, but corruption and imcompetence in our local government. What are your thoughts on this, and what can be done?

PL: I have no first hand knowledge of Corruption on the Council, but that probably depends on how it’s defined. You will need to read my thoughts in the “unedited” version.
How competent/incompetent we are is up to you. It really depends on how well you do your homework during election season, and whether you pay attention to us the rest of the time.

GoP: There are a large number of vacant lots and buildings in our district, and in Pomona as a whole. What do you see as the root cause of this? What can be done about it, specifically with regard to the many-years-blighted eastern corners of Garey and Alvarado?

PL:The root cause of our empty buildings is that businesses can’t rent/buy them and make a living. Most are too small, too old, have too little parking and too few people nearby with expendable incomes. Our Downtown has the potential to be the exception, but this economy is hitting everyone hard.

GoP: Do you have any goals with regard to making Pomona a "greener," more sustainable city? Please describe them.

PL: We can increase our distribution of reclaimed water, re-evaluate our landscape criteria, and dump-the-pump and buy an electric car like I did!

GoP: Who do you support for Mayor of Pomona and why?

PL: George Hunter for Mayor!

GoP: Who do you support for the State Assembly and why?

PL: I have to work with whoever is elected, so the choice is yours. City Council is non-partisan, and I plan to keep it that way.

GoP: What is your opinion of Pomona's City Attorney?

PL: A curious question. The City Manager, City Clerk, City Attorney and the City Treasurer are all evaluated by the City Council. These evaluations are part of their personnel folders, and not public.

GoP: Anything else you would like to add?

PL: I am an elected official that speaks from the heart, not from whichever way the wind is blowing at the time. I’ve never been one to make wild promises, but I’ve kept the promises I’ve made. I promised to make decisions based on Issues, not Individuals, and I’ve kept that promise. I promised to make decisions based on what’s best for Pomona, not Special Interests, and I’ve kept that promise. I’m independent, I do my homework, and I get things done. I want your vote so I can continue getting things done, both for our District, and for the City as a whole.



GoP: Please see her long answers in the post below.


Anonymous said...

I really like Paula... she has a way of explaining things from a different perspective that still gives a complete answer to questions.
I voted for her already.

Anonymous said...

I spoke with Elliott Rothman today and he said that his blood level test came back normal from the other day he was "busted" by PD. I heard he was singled out...

Anduhrew said...

I'm sorry but more parking for struggling businesses is counter intuitive. It promotes the use of the vehicle which also spaces out businesses so that one would feel the need to drive from business to business. When a more condensed planned city for retail and business space improves the walkability of a city, if more businesses are closer together they are easier to visit without jumping in a car. The promotion of car use also promotes the use of energy which is a crisis we are already in. An improved mass transit infrastructure that is attractive to people(no one likes buses) with more condensed street front retail properties will improve businesses. Take queues from Laguna Hills, Melrose, Santa Monica blvd. NYC San Francisco, this is a repeated issue in many of my entries. New Urbanism in City Planning dismisses parking lots. It is the future of cities and Pomona should really get back on track on being a leader, not behind on progress, it promotes greener cities and growth for small businesses stimulating a local economy. The only time a Huge parking lot makes sense is when there is a WalMart (but even then it should be underground with the building on top) Save parking lots for Chino Hills. And there is a solution to the Lawn, Carex Texensis and Carex Pansa require very litte water and are grasslike sedges that are walkable. Looks like a lawn acts like a lawn, it's a lawn that requires very little water. People don't like food crops in their neighbors yard? really? is there no freedom? People don't like others growing their own food? wow. that's sad.

me said...

If that were the case anon, I'd think that revelation would be all over the daily bulletin website, but I just checked and there's not a mention.

Anduhrew, we need people like you in the planning dept. do you know anything about the people we have now?

G of P

John Clifford said...

While I appreciate Anduhrew's points, and would love to see them work. I don't think that it would be economically prudent to NOT encourage vehicular traffic.

In the current area that we live in, a person will AVOID an area where they can't park. It would make a shopping area unattractive (and we certainly need to encourage people to any of our shopping options). People would just go to the mall or to an area with "adequate" parking.

I think we need to accommodate vehicular traffic until good alternatives are created. But I think that it would be great to minimize the footprint of parking. Parking structures (particularly,as Anduhrew notes, underground parking) create a convenience for people and still promote the pedestrian/close shops type environment that we'd all like to promote.

Anduhrew said...

I interviewed with the redevelopment agency I was apparently one of the top 5 candidates of 90, but alas i did not get the internship (but i'm now very happy at the Inland Empire Utilities Agency), So i've met a couple of people. But i have no idea their views on city planning.

John you're right, there really does need to be a well thought out solution to parking while maintaining a sustainable cityscape. You know that home depot/circuit city/Toys R Us/ in south Pomona by Chino Hills? That big hole in the ground would be a perfect parking structure and with buildings on top of that would make a great pedestrian shopping center. that spot is IDEAL for that. with Toys R Us closing down and Circuit City having filed for bankruptcy, That land could be retrieved and redeveloped more intelligently I've never once seen that parking lot close to half full. and get Cal Polyland Students to design it for FREE. they'll do a GREAT job.

John Clifford said...

That north Pomona property is ripe for a regional shopping area. If you add to the area that's already there, the now vacated Wonderbread Bakery, it's a major piece of real estate. I just hope that the city is able to put something together there. It's one of the few "freeway visible" areas that we have left in the city that can be developed.

Anduhrew said...

I think you mean south Pomona, But it has been confirmed by the daily bulletin that that circuit city is closing down. I'm also fairly certain that that Office Depot (or is it officemax) isn't doing well. Everytime I'm in there there's only one other customer but about 3-4 visible employees. They don't even have an oversize black and white printer, that means you have to pay the Color price!