Monday, November 03, 2008

Have you seen Brody?

This is a photograph of Brody, a resident of Lincoln Park who was last seen on October 29 near Towne and Alvarado. Brody is a slender, tan-colored female chihuahua. Her owner is a reader of the blog and has been desperately searching for Brody and hoping for her safe return. Apparently Brody ran into a fence, panicked and then ran down the street and has been missing ever since. Brody was lost on Alvarado between Palomares & Towne. On Friday, the owners met two people who saw her by Columbia & Gibbs, and one who saw her on Lincoln by the park. The owner has checked the shelter, handed out and put up fliers, patrolled the area everyday by car, as well as on foot.

So please everyone, keep your eyes out for this little lost dog. If you see her, or have seen her, please call Chiquita at (909)568-1107.

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