Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday Movie Matinee

Today's Friday Movie Matinee tells the emotional lovestory of Pomona's newest lady of the sky and the men who drive her to great heights. With a gripping introduction by Lt. Ray Mansfield, this is a cinematic treasure. I am delighted to host today's feature presentation: Straight At You from the Pomona P.D.

Thanks go out to Public Information Officer Sgt. Mike Olivieri, who says he's a reader of the blog, for alerting me to the P.P.D.'s entry into the world of You Tube. Who needs Adam 12 reruns when you've got present-day "PPD 10-FIVE."

You may want to check out their other flicks, which include public service announcements and descriptions of recent crimes.

Have a nice weekend.



Anduhrew said...

There was a period in August, a week straight, when the helicopter was being flown over my house IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT for OVER HALF AN HOUR! Now I appreciate what the Police is trying to accomplish, and I think they were testing it out because there were no gun shots those days and nothing in the news, I wish they would have done it earlier in the day. Thank God it stopped though, I was afraif it'd become a daily patrol and I'd have to move. At least I think I understand why they were doing it now.

ren said...

when they started using it many years ago it was a pain in the $%^& and sometimes it still is.but the guys are out there doing there job maybe the new one will be a little less noise.

Anduhrew said...

if the one they were flying over my house was the new one, it's still very noisy. But since i think they were just testing out their new chopper I'll forgive them =)

me said...

I watched the whole clip, and noticed they never said anything about whether the new helicopter is supposed to be quieter. I've noticed the sound is different, but not really quieter. I'm on record on here as getting very annoyed by them, and always wonder if they need to be up in the sky as often as they are. Maybe one of Pomona's finest can weigh in on that. In general, after seeing this film, it's nice to be able to put a picture to the sound.

G of P