Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Mr. Big Graduates from Kindergarten

I assure you that the more interesting blog this year would have been a chronicle of Mr. Big's year in kindergarten. I am proud to announce that we have survived kindergarten and Mr. Big is now a first grader.

To honor the occassion, Mr. Big took a pair of scissors to his hair while I was not looking. Seems he has decided that he has outgrown his long hair, which he has seemingly had since birth. So now, some of his hair is long, and other parts are quite short. A "proper" haircut seems imminent, with Mr. Big announcing that he wants a green mohawk.

We'll see how things turn out at the barber shop.



Garrett Sawyer said...

Omg, I did the SAME thing, how weird! I used a plastic razor and cut a patch of hair right at the front of my hairline in the center where my widows peek I don't know why I did that. I'm old enough now to know I shouldn't try to cut my own hair. lol.

A Mowhawk huh? hmmm...Do you think the school might have a problem with that? Of course i've seen really young kids with them but I wonder as to how they are labled. Maybe he might be just as interested in a Faux Hawk? I had one a few years ago, it's not as in your face as a Mowhawk.

Garrett Sawyer said...

Congratulations to Mr. Big btw!

You could check out the local newpapers if you keep scrap books and photo albums, my mom found a rather large artical about my graduating class at the Salvation Army in the Daily Bullitin, sooo many moons ago. lol. When I was going to school, kindergarteners didn't have a graduation ceremony in public school, only private schools had them so I've been it still the same? Public schools might of had some kind of event but it might have not been as elaborate as some public schools.

Ms. Lois said...

Hi G of P,

I am sooo blown away! OK, I've known all year that Mr. Big was in Kindergarten (that evil institution that took him out of my story time) and this is June ... but first grade??? He's growing up so fast.

But not the hair!!!! Noooooo. After calming down a bit I realized that kid will look good in whatever hair cut he gets. He scores high in the cute factor.

Come in and let me see him. And thanks, btw, for warning me. I probably would have had a coronary on the spot if I saw him in short hair. :)

Ed said...

Congrats to Mr. Big.

All of my children have similarly tried their hand at self-styling. The victimized eyebrow was the hardest to undo.

I shouldn't forget to mention the innumerable dolls who have suffered the fate. And to think, the kid was surprised to find out that the hair wasn't going to grow back.

Anduhrew said...

I also buzzed my locks, the incoming Student president buzzed it off at our banquet. I'll be mailing the hair to locks of love.