Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Blood for Music in Pomona

You have until 8 o'clock tonight to score some backstage passes to the Warped Tour. The price of admission is the red stuff, as opposed to the usual green stuff. Thanks to Richard for snapping this photograph.

The Warped Tour tickets are going for $15 on Ebay:

If music doesn't move you to give blood, perhaps baseball will. The Freeway Series will be holding a blood drive in Pomona this Saturday. Donors will receive two tickets to a game and a T-shirt. Thanks to Larry Egan for informing me about this event.

Clearly, there is a big need for blood. Think about it.


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Anonymous said...

Goddess: I'm told by the Red Cross Center in Pomona that they will be adding staff for tomorrow's blood drive. They expected 50 donors and so far they have received over 150 pledges. Thanks for the post.