Thursday, May 29, 2008

Pomona: Rising Up from the Ashes

Last night there was a fire in an industrial building at San Antonio and 3rd. The fire, which created our newest vacant lot, was of suspicious origin and there has already been one person arrested. Good work, Pomona P.D. No word yet if the suspected arsonist works with Walgreens or has any affiliation with the CRA. (Inside joke there for anyone who read my Coates' posts.)

Here's what the building looks like this morning. Richard, who shot the photo, said that it was an old building that had once been a bowling alley and also a moose lodge.

Here's a building at 263 Locust which was the victim of a fire bomb or something back in the day. I'm glad the piano survived. Thanks to the Library's digital collections for this one.

Also seen around town by Richard, are these signs on Second Street, announcing it's closure from Friday midnight to Saturday 5 p.m. for a "special event."

Anyone notice this mysterious metal creature that Richard caught on film, somewheres around the fairgrounds? I would have preferred a giant goddess sculpture, but then again I'm partial towards her, of course.



Ms. Lois said...

Hi GofP,

I worked until 8:00pm last night and I actually saw flames from this fire from the back of the children's room. My first thought was that Tom's burned down again. I'm glad I was wrong. Thanks for the information. :) Give Mr. Big a big hi from me!

Anduhrew said...

Any Word on what is happening at Philadelphia and Garey? I drive/Ride by there every morning and am curious. the green stuff wasn't put up until recently. I got a few snap shots form my truck before they put it up.

Also was just at Coates today to pickup some trash bicycle tires for a school project.(building furniture) and they informed me that the City has backed down with their plans to take over that lot, at least for this year.

Garrett Sawyer said...

That building, or an adjacent building, It was either that one or a white one next to it that used to hold Church service in Samoan. I remember attending a couple times with my neighbors because the grandma liked to go.

Yeah, I was wondering that too Andrew, my Mom and I stopped at the Cut n' Perm (I think thats what it's called?) by Yoshinoya and Subway the other day for my haircut and we were talking about it. Since the school district owns that property I think, they might be in the works of making a permanent Garey high school annex. Or maybe even something else, maybe they sold the property, I doubt it though. Who knows, maybe someone can get a number from a sign if theres one present and call to ask.

Larry said...

The "no parking" signs are posted for the Antique Faire which will take place Saturday, May 31 on Antique Row at Garey and E. 2nd St. Over 200 vendors on the sidewalks and street, plus all the Antique Stores will be open and bustling. Hours are 8AM to 3PM. It's a long established event which occurs 5 times a year.

Garrett Sawyer said...

I love the antique faires, lots of neat old toys, I love the die cast models...those are the best. I've even seen beanie babies and other more recent things in history so it's not just antiques, it's collectables too.

me said...

Ms. Lois- Mr. Big says hi right back and we are eagerly awaiting the summer reading program.

Anduhrew- this is great news on the Coates project, for the short run, of course. John has followed up on this over on M-M-M-My Pomona and confirmed that the idea has been set aside indefinitely, until the next bonehead proposal, I'm sure.

As for the empty lot on Garey, I'm told that another magnet school will be built there.

Larry - of course, the collector's street faire. Sometimes the events that are held the last SAturday of odd numbered months can be a bit challenging for me to remember. My sister in law often sells at the faire and does very well for herself. I'm guilty of often forgetting to go.
G of P