Friday, May 16, 2008

A Nice, Quiet weekend

According to the metropomona website (pictured above), the Second Street arts walk will be expanded to two times a month: the second Saturday of the month, as usual, AND the last Saturday of the month. That's not happening this weekend, but I thought I'd mention it for future reference. That metro Pomona website is so good looking. Too bad the City can't commission whoever did the metro Pomona website to revamp the City website.

They'll be hoola hooping in Lincoln Park at 10 a.m. on Saturday. They'll be the Farmer's Market at Garey and Pearl also on SAturday from early morning to 12:30 p.m. And hopefully for you, they'll be an airconditioned room to sit in as the day goes by.

Ted Pugh Open Space Friday will continue next week, since I'm not posting as much these days and don't want this to become the Ted and Norma blog.



Garrett Sawyer said...

If the Farmers Market is on Garey and Pearl on Saturday then why is it that the City Calendar on the City's website, it has the Farmers Market marked down for Wednesdays at Garey and Second at 4-8pm?? It's kind of confusing...Is there two Farmers Market days or something?

Anonymous said...

Because one market is run by the City (Wednesdays) and the other by First Baptist (Saturdays). It was confusing to me as well until I saw a blurb somewhere stating that the Garey & Pearl Market is apart of First Baptist -- but it makes sense since that's their parking lot.

me said...

I knew the one on Saturday was run by a church network (it's not just First Baptist). But I never knew that was the difference between the two. Probably why the WEdnesday one is such a dud - at least when I've stopped. Usually there are more non-food items there than food items, and there's only about 10 vendors total. The one on Saturdays is wonderful, and much better attended. Much more personable there than the market on Sunday in the Claremont Village.

G of P

Ed said...

Saturday is put on by the Inland Valley Hope Partners.

They do operate food banks along with other services, but I don't know if they receive proceeds from the Farmer's Market.

Anonymous said...

I heard that the Saturday market was the first Farmer's Market in SoCal to accept WIC. If this is true, then I'm even more proud of our local market.

pops said...

Love your comments about MetroPomona's website, it's always fresh and interesting.The folks at seem to have a pretty good handle on what's happening downtown. By the way the Wednesday farmers market is sponsored by Metro Pomona and has been operating for a little over a year at 2nd & Garey. It has plans to grow, but I'm told it takes about 4 years to get a market going strong. The Pearl street market has been operating for over 20 years. If we all support the Wednesday market it can grow as well. They have some pretty cool live entertainment there also. Seems to be a safe and fun place to go to.