Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Guardian Angel of the Pomona Cemetery

Here's another post from the past in celebration of the blog's two year anniversary. This one's about the day the Goddess of Pomona and Mr. Big met the Guardian Angel of the Pomona Cemetery:
As part of my research on our house, Mr. Big and I visited the Pomona Cemetery on Towne and Franklin. Established in the late 1800s, this is one of the oldest in the area. The original owners and the second owners of our 1910 house are all interred there.

Once we arrived at the cemetery, we were left on our own to go into the mausoleum.
Even though I had been given the crypt numbers, I was having trouble finding the crypts. From out of nowhere, a tough looking guy in uniform came towards us. We were the only three people in the mausoleum. The guy asked if he could help us, at which point I noticed he was missing some teeth, wore a thick gold chain and had the word "Angel" written on his uniform. Angel helped me look, and eventually radioed the front office for more assistance. A woman came out to assist and together we came to the conclusion that the numbers were off, and the original owners were interred inside the old masolseum (turns out we were in the "new" masoleum).

Angel took Mr. Big and I over to the old building. At this point, Mr. Big was absolutely smitten with Angel. As Angel unlocked the old mausoleum, he explained that the door is kept locked and he'd never opened it for a visitor before. Inside, the original lighting and seafoam green wicker furniture were straight out of the 40's.

Angel told me that his mother-in-law works in the cemetery's front office, which is how he got the job. He is one of two groundsmen there. He switches between working for a week on the outside, to working for a week on the inside. He said that the cemetery is not haunted, and nothing strange has ever happened there. So apparently the Pomona dead are all happily at rest. And who wouldn't be when your plots and crypts are so nicely taken care of by Angel, who turned out to be a sweetheart of a guy. Oh and Angel said that his name has nothing to do with his getting the job there. Guess he doesn't believe in destiny!

If you go to the Pomona Cemetery and are told there has never been anyone named Angel working there, well then I guess that Pomona really does have a guardian angel. I'm proud to say that I've met him.

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