Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Cast your vote for Pomona's "10 Below the 10"

So the survey for the top 10 Pomona places below the 10 freeway is up and running.

Here's the link, which has been generously provided by a friend of a friend.

Keep in mind that we might end up combining entries as one, like if the noodles shops collectively get enough votes to make the top ten.

Thanks to Pride in Garfield Park for the idea and all the work Pride did compiling the information.



Garrett Sawyer said...

I voted. *snortle*

Pride in Garfield Park said...

It looks like over 30 people have already submitted votes for the top 10 reasons to go South of the 10. Feel free to distribute the link to your friends and neighbors.

Anonymous said...

Pride, the link is making the rounds in my church community. What a great idea! I'm eager to see what the results are

Pomona Joe