Thursday, March 20, 2008

The New Me

I am happy to officially welcome the new look of the blog. I hope everyone finds it as nice to look at as I do. I feel like I got a new haircut and am still getting used to the change.

I would like to give a big Pomona thank you to Lincoln Park resident Neil Cannone who designed the new graphic and didn't charge me a dime! Neil and his wife Susan recently moved into a craftsman bungalow on Jefferson. Neil is a graphic designer, currently working for the NHRA (National Hotrod Association) and doing freelance work besides (here's his complete resume).

Neil wanted me to pass along that he is more than happy to volunteer graphic design time to neighborhood activities helping to promote the neighborhood and historic Pomona. He should be applauded for doing his part to beautify Pomona, one website at a time. Okay, so I hear he did a nice job with his front yard too, and he's down with the community gardening as well.

Old home enthusiasts should take note of this: Neil works on Fridays and Saturdays at his parents' small custom furniture shop building various one-off art pieces, built-ins and completing finish carpentry work projects for clients.

As for today's photograph, I searched through thousands of female profiles, but my husband found this one. I immediately recognized her as my alter ego: The Goddess. I like that she looks up dreamily to the future, and also that she is ethnically ambiguous. She is the same face as is on the graphic.

I'm hoping Neil will weigh in below about his process. He did something called vectorizing to the images I gave him. Neil finished reading Mickey's Gallivan's old Pomona book and said that, in conjunction with my input and the images that I wanted, he created the logo that he felt "truly captured the vision of old Pomona, and the spirit of what the founders envisioned when they named the City." Bravo!


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Anonymous said...

Yes, your new site is lovely! Thanks for the input about Neil. I just may need a graphic design from him in the near future.