Saturday, March 22, 2008

Have backpack, Will blog

There are two new blogs out of Pomona. Both are written by environmentally-minded Pomona students!

The first new blog is written by Anduhrew over at Student in Pomona. A Cal Poly Pomona Landscape Architecture student, who is active with various student organizations, including Emerging Green Builders. Anduhrew's most recent post reveals his mission to make a difference in Pomona. I look forward to working with Anduhrew around town on some mutual issues. It's also nice that someone else will be keeping tabs on the City Council, besides David Allen and the usual suspects.

Anduhrew officially became a Pomona resident yesterday. I'd give him a virtual house plant for his new diggs, but he doesn't need any more plants where he's moving. Lucky guy!

The second student blogger is 20 year old Garrett Sawyer who writes a blog called Daily Fusion. Sawyer is also a green, although it's not clear where he attends school. Can you fill us in Garrett? He also seems mechanically minded, and perhaps can be convinced to offer some technical assistance on upcoming community gardening projects.

I've added both to my local blogs section.


Garrett Sawyer said...

It's funny that you mention that actually...When I started my blog in January, I really thought I'd be attending classes at Mt. Sac. I registered and everything but by the time I was through with that process all the classes I was wanting to take were either filled, closed, or off on some ridiculous satellite location I can't get to by bus or train (I don't drive). Most of the off campus classes were just extra classes of some of the classes I need that are already on campus, those off campus classes are punishment for students who enroll late, HA!

If I were already enrolled in classes I would be working towards earning a certificate in the Landscape Design & Construction program and would also be taking Japanese 1. After credits for those are recieved I'm either going to stay at Mt. Sac and pursue an Associates Degree in Ornamental Horticulture OR, if I can afford to, go on over to Cal Poly for their Landscape Architecture program.
I'll most likely go the first route though and stick with Mt. Sac for a while. I'll definitely be attending this Summer. I have been out of school for about two years now and I didn't realize how soon I had to go through the motions to secure a spot as a student. lol. This time I wont be hesitating. I have a few weeks before Summer registration begins so this time around I should be good.

Anywho, regardless of what schools I'll be attending throughout my life, I'll always consider myself a student, whether I'm actually going to school or not. Does that make sense? lol.
By the way, I'd love to help with any kind of technical issues people might have in upcoming community gardens. A good portion of my expertise is in Electrical and Automation, although I don't have certification for either I have a firm grasp of them. What I don't know I surely can learn, and with pleasure too, I enjoy learning about anything technical.

Thank you for taking the time to write about me and my blog, I really appreciate it. Once I get around to working on my blogroll I'll be putting a link to your blog in the locals section.

Anonymous said...

I also found this blog a while back ago, but have seen no posting to it since...

Anonymous said...