Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Will the Girl Scouts throw Pomona a cookie?

Girl Scout Cutie!
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With the help of John Clifford, I finally received a call back from the City yesterday about the dirt parkway strip off the freeway. Tom Taylor of the Parks Dept. left a message saying that:

1. There are no plans to landscape the Pomona parkway in question.

2. The City does not own that property, they only have right of way for signs, etc.

3. City Code Article 6 Section 18-261 says property owners are responsible for landscaping and maintenance, not the City.

4. The owner of that parkway - at least used to be - the Girl Scouts.

So it looks like there's some cookies in my future. Keep you posted.



Sherlock said...

I thought this post deserved a "thanks" comment.

me said...

Any thanks can be relayed on the day that folks come out and help to landscape. I'll bring the girl scout cookies :)

G of P

John Clifford said...

Hopefully you will post when that will be. I can load some shovels and rakes into the back of my pickup. I'm not so sure how much help I can be other than that. I'm not really a gardener (the wife does all the gardening around our house, I just dig holes where I'm told).

Ed said...

I'm more than happy to tell John where to dig!:)

John Clifford said...

Ah, Ed,

I take it you're also a true gardener.

Ed said...

You got it. If I can tell 5 people where to dig holes, I'm 5 times more productive. It pains me to delegate, but I'm willing to sacrifice for the common good.

linkpark said...

I am more than happy to donate plants, let me know what you want. I was thinking, are there sprinklers that work on that piece of land?

me said...

Glad to see all the comments about a non-prostitution related post. :)

I've a call into the Girl Scouts and hope it doesn't take two weeks for a call back like with the City.

I had a feeling Ed would be the one telling everyone where to dig holes. :)

LP, sprinklers? I doubt it. Which is why my thought was to put in drought tolerant plants for the rains to establish - otherwise we do volunteer shifts of watering.

G of P

Ed said...

I'm hurt or flattered, I don't know which.

I would probably suggest getting Tom Taylor's opinion on plant material. They really should offer some guidance.

As far as water, the property owner may have sprinkler lines that can be tapped into. Another option would be hardscape like bricks or pavers. It solves the ongoing maintenance issue, and the price might not be that different. Who knows maybe a second life for some of the bricks on Second street.

The property tax records may be the best source of info regarding the current owner.

Lastly, I'll take a cheap shot at the city and point out that dirt parking strips are probably a code violation. If so, more accountability on the part of city employees would have made this parking strip a little less dirty.