Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Great News

Guerrilla Gardeners
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Turns out Covenant United Methodist Church is the owner of the dirt parkway that houses the "Welcome to Pomona" sign. I spoke with Pastor Jae Lew tonight. Pastor Jae was immediately receptive to the idea of members of his church working alongside community volunteers to landscape the area.

Pastor Jae said that his church has been looking for ways to reach out to the community. He mentioned, for instance, their recently setting up scholarships for youth living in Pomona.

Pastor Jae and I exchanged emails so that we can start planning the logistics, both admitting that we would need input from more experienced gardeners. He does not think there are sprinklers there btw. Pastor Jae said his church council meets on Saturday, so he will tell them about the idea at that time.

In the meantime, here's some inspiration.



linknpark said...

My wife and I are up for it. My recommend would be a few drought tolerant bushes of some sort and shredded cedar bark from Wolfinbarger in Chino. Would be more than happy to chip-in (as it were) with some cash for the project too.

John Clifford said...

I've already offered and I think that I can chip in one or two bucks my own self.

And, of course, Ed has offered to supervise everything so I'm sure he'd be in on it too?

Ed said...

Ok, I guess I deserved that, for not stepping up sooner. And yes I will help.

In addition to Linknpark's idea, it might be useful to get the city involved, since they have some experience in maintaining public right-of-ways. It may also insure continuity with future median plantings along that street or other entry points to the city. And trees might be easier since the larger root system requires less frequent, but deeper watering.

And if there is access to water, the recent plantings along White (next to the Fairplex) could be an inspiration.