Thursday, November 01, 2007

Remains of the Day

Our costumes were laying so nicely in a heap on the floor from last night that I had to snap this photo. It was another active, somewhat smokey, Halloween in Lincoln Park. I got to about 400 kids over here until I locked up and joined Mr. Big and the hubby on the streets. The 300 block of Jefferson did not disappointment. The red house added a large werewolf which became the perfect backdrop for many an on- the-street-photo. I noticed there were more dogs out for the holiday this year, including a black chihuahua who matched his tricker treating adult witch just perfectly. There were a number of bonfires in the area, which my eyes didn't really dig, and which I'm hoping doesn't become a tradition.

Things seemed to start earlier and last later this year. There were some early birds who started knocking on our door before it even got dark and who I refused to open the door for. I heard later that they said it was safer for the kids to go out while it was still light, to which I say that's no excuse here in Lincoln Park where it is safe to be on the streets after dark, especially on Halloween. Tradition is tradition. The crowd was still going strong after 9 p.m. when we came in to try to get the Big One to sleep.

I just saw the Lincoln Park clean up crew walk by: homeschoolers E and J who have a tradition of going around to pick up the Halloween trash from the sidewalks the day after Halloween. Thank you, guys. Hope you didn't have to pick up too many of the pretzels I handed out.

EAger to hear how some of the non-veterans weathered the storm.


neil said...

We moved in about 5 months ago, and my wife and I were told to expect for more kids than we ever saw before, and we werent dissappointed. We had about 3000 pieces of candy and started handing it out at 6:30....we were out by 9:00 and that was handing out one to two pieces at a time. Kids were very polite and the costumes were great. We tried our best with the decoration thing, but the puppet show, laser light show and mock Pirates of the Carribean ride were hard to compete with, and those were just our direct neighbors that we could see. I was kind of bummed that a few houses didnt participate at all, what the heck. And thanks to Linkn Park for the compliment in the previous post about the crime scene house, I think you were talking about us! We are thinking about maybe projecting the Nightmare before christmas on the house next year, what a blast!

Mark said...

The new werewolf is named Howard and it was fun to introduce him to the neighborhood last night.
We had tons of people drop by and I think all had a great time!
We ran out if candy at roughly 9:45 and had to go to the kitchen cabinet and pulled out granola bars to give out. Probably not as exciting as "real" candy but delicious anyway!

meg said...

The real mystery house, as far as I'm concerned, is my neighbor across the street. They're great folks, and they gussy their house up for Halloween in a big way -- and then take it all down on Halloween day so that no trick-or-treaters will knock on their (unlit) door. This just puzzles me.