Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Seen in Pomona: Ogres Selling Castles

I snapped this photo of a billboard bench on Towne Avenue, just below Foothill Blvd., featuring everyone's favorite ogre-run real estate team: The Schrecks. That's Walter and Dolores. They want to "help you sell or buy your castle in the sky!" I wonder if the family name is a plus or a minus in their line of work. It's at least getting them some free advertising on the blog today. THE END.


David Allen said...

You shoulda seen their original bus bench ad earlier this year: The two Schrecks were tinted green and had antennae! I assume someone told them to cool it because a revised version went up shortly afterward.

By the way, for the benefit of the poster who sniffed that the Lincoln Park blogs are more informative than the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin: Hey, pal, the Schrecks thing was in my column WEEKS ago.

Or is that, um, not the kind of news you were referring to?

Ed said...

You got me. I really didn't think the Schrecks bench sign was newsworthy, but since G of P covered it, I stand corrected! You could have included a link to your article since your newspaper's archival search functions leave something to be desired.

Why the use of "sniffed"? Sorry to be pedantic, but since I apparently did it, and I don't remember sniffing, that seems like a strange word choice.

Any chance you can cover Claremont's city council meeting on Tuesday...holiday lights, Padua Park? The Pomona centric thing is getting a little old. And no time capsule coverage....what gives!

And to "Goddess", sorry to clog your blog with this one.