Monday, October 01, 2007

A Hoppin' New Pomona Business

Last week, Mr. Big and I attended the gala grand opening day celebration of DD's Discounts, located in the 99 Cents Only Shopping Center at Towne and Arrow Highway. DD's Discounts appears to be an independently owned Ross Dress 4 Less store. A friend of mine swears by their Chino store for great kid's stuff. To be honest, I didn't see a single item of women's clothing I would want brushing up against my skin, but they had some decent kids' jackets and pants. Their toy section featured more than a few decidedly Holt Avenueish toys. While I actually own some homies myself, the remote conrolled street walkers resting on the '64 impala that boasted "realistic hydraulic hoppin' action" was a bit much.

Turns out that we've had a few cars displaying "realistic hydraulic hoppin' action" around Lincoln Park of late (as referenced in my summary of the recent neighborhood watch meeting).

DD's Discounts, in general, seemed to be catering to the Pomona you hear about on the news. Otherwise I suppose it's good to see another business opening up in Pomona. THE END


David Allen said...

"Decidedly Holt Avenueish toys"...finally, a toymaker is savvy enough to target this (admittedly specialized) niche. Seriously, nice work, G.

Anonymous said...

Uh oh, a claremon(s)ter........there goes the neighborhood!
Just couldn't resist.

me said...

Such kind words are most appreciated by this goddess. Now best you get out of the 'hood before dark! :)