Thursday, September 20, 2007

Things that go bump in Pomona

Stickers for your bumper...
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Here's a list of some memorable bumper stickers I've seen on cars parked or driving in Pomona:

1. "Obama 2008" on a Prius at a house on Alvarado with a drought tolerant garden.

2. "PPPPPPPP" (The Pomona "P" arranged in a circle like the tiles at City Hall and on our street signs.) on a black Ford F150 truck with dark tinted windows. For some reason, I have a bunch of the circular "P" tiles in my backyard. Anyone know where they sell the stickers? Is it safe to don one while driving through Claremont?

3. I frequently see this one on a volvo station wagon: "Earth-friendly Home Products at www/"

4. "Islam is the Way" seen on a fancy SUV across from Stater Bros. I love that we live in a party of the country where we can still boast about our religious beliefs, even if they are not Christian.

5. "San Dimas Saints" - Me thinks it's yet another inter-district transfer family from Pomona.

Drum roll please for my personal favorite...

6. "Just give tankless toilets a chance" on a small truck parked in the driveway of the same house where a light blue peace flag has been desperately waving for four years now.



John Clifford said...

Gee, the city is in desperate need of the P tiles for the civic center. We've been talking with them about perhaps Pomona Heritage donating replacements for the chipped, broken and missing tiles. They've informed us that they are no longer available from the original source so we were going to investigate the cost of having new ones made.

Any chance you want to donate the ones you have to Pomona Heritage?


Kate Thornton said...

I just found your blog - what a treat!

And please let everyone know about the POmona Heritage Home Tour on Oct 7th - our beautiful Cliff May mid-century modern home is going to be on it!

me said...

John- I only have about 5 of the tiles. From what I can tell, City Hall needs about ten times that amount. I'd want to keep a couple for our "P" garden, but would be willing to donate the rest for the cause.

Kate- I like your energy and am so happy your found the blog. I will be posting an entry about the historic home tour this week. My friend lives in an intact Cliff May home in Long Beach, and while I never caught the mid-century bug, I do like clean lines and love the Japanese aspect of May's homes.