Thursday, October 11, 2007

Flowers Flow in Pomona once again, ect.

An update on my previous post about the closing of Pomona Flowers: It's back in business as a flower shop and here's the photo to prove it. Look closely at the photo (click on it if you need to) to see the window letters that say "weddings, funerals, gifts, ect." I'm not sure why, but I think mispellings on businesses give the place more heart, charm, etc.

I haven't driven north on Garey at night this week, so I'm not sure if they've fixed the "ERS" on the large neon sign, or whether it still reverberates "POMONA FLOW" as noted in David Allen's recent column.

It seems that in Pomona, even our shortcomings are cool. Though I have to admit that the new Laemelle theater sign that reads "CLAREMONT" in no doubt perfectly lit letters (I haven't actually seen it lit, is it lit up yet at night?) is pretty cool too.

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David Allen said...

The sign still read "POMONA FLOW" when I drove past Saturday night, although the "FLOW" was faint.