Friday, October 12, 2007

Down, but definitely not out, in Pomona

Originally uploaded by wolfie_whitman
Today's photo was taken by Flickr photographer Wofie_Whitman. The subject of the photo is an amazingly screwed up palm tree in Pomona. According to Wolfie, who was nice enough to correspond with me, the tree is located on Indian Hill Blvd., just north of Holt. I am thinking this configuration makes for some great play equipment. Who needs a jumper at the kid's birthday party with this tropical jungle gym already in place? And the pole holding up the head of the palm is certainly an uplifting touch.

Yet another example of Pomona wearing it's dysfunction in style and with our heads held high. Thanks Wolfie!



David Allen said...

I believe the intersection is Kingsley. A reader of mine suggested the twisted palm for my Seven Wonders of the Inland Valley list. I'm starting to wish I'd included it...

Ed said...

What do you mean dysfunctional? It's a palm tree's version of the book "The Giving Tree." I suppose I could have said the botanical version of "The Little Engine That Could."

Maybe it can be the Eighth Wonder, oh what the hell, just start over next year!