Sunday, September 16, 2007

Que Chico?

Everytime I go up Indian Hill Blvd. past the new village expansion, I'm puzzled as to why the Chico's store was given such a prominent location. It's on the northwest corner of First and Indian Hill, and even though it's not the first northwest corner up from the railroad track, it's the most visible corner for people coming into the area from the 10 freeway. It doesn't help that the storefront is off white with black, oversized letters.

My only experience with Chico's is seeing their stores in various malls over the years. I remember going in once a long time ago and thinking their stuff was pretty ugly. I'm closer to their target age now, but I just looked at their site and find the stuff just as dowdy as I remember. In doing some internet research, I found out that Chico's marks their sizing in such a manner that women who are size 22's everywhere else are something like a size 11 there. This must be where the name originates, since the word chico means small or child in Spanish. I don't know. I don't really care. It just strikes me as a strange choice for an anchor store. I have a feeling it won't survive anyway, unless the dowdy quotient in Claremont is even higher than I think.

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meg said...

I think the dowdy quotient in Claremont is indeed higher than you think. Have you been to a flick at the Laemmle yet? Every time we go, K. is the youngest person in the cinema.

Meanwhile, straight across from Chico's is an American "No sweatshops, just harassment!" Apparel. Youth vs. age smackdown -- I wonder which will close up shop first.