Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Nancy: just another girl from Pomona (with her own tortilleria)

Okay, so I only drove by Nancy's pink and green building on Towne and Third (?) Street a hundred times before finally going in and buying some tortillas there. They were good, not too many additives. They do sell gorditas (really thick tortillas) but you have to call ahead (which is far too much planning for me.)

Then it took a few more hundred times of passing by Nancy's before we actually tried the prepared food there. We ordered chicken tacos, rice and beans. Pretty basic, but always a good barometer. My husband, whose Mexican mother's cooking has him turning his nose up to most Mexican food, thought the food was quite good. So much so that he urged me to make this post. Nancy's even has tables and chairs around back if you want to eat in the parking lot.

According to the staff, Nancy is the owner's daughter. A photo of Nancy at about three years old adorns the tortilla bags (see my photo). Nancy is now in her teens.

btw, we tried Los Jarritos #2 awhile back, and their chicken tacos tasted like a cafeteria chicken sandwich, minus the mayonnaise. My husband announced that he didn't care what anyone else said about the food there, he would not be going back. As for Osuna's (not to be confused with Osama's) at HOlt and Palomares, my husband refuses to go to "fancy" Mexican restaurants. I have gone to Osuna's with other people, and always fond the food and service to be excellent in this gringo's humble opinion. Osuna's recently changed hands, but I am assured by regulars that the food is not only just as good, but better. Funny, I always forget Osuna's when I have company in town and want to take them someplace close. I believe they are best known for their chile rellenos.

If anyone knows of a local store that sells gorditas without having to order them ahead of time, please make a post.

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