Sunday, July 08, 2007

A Pomona Drive-By

We all read about the drive-bys IN Pomona, but what about the drive bys ON Pomona? No one keeps statistics on the number of pot shots we take from the local, regional, national and, for all I know, international press. My sense is that the incidence of drive bys ON Pomona, is much higher than the number of drive bys IN Pomona.

So it should be no suprise that Pomona has been hit with a full frontal assault by a blogger. The "King of Bash" recently spent a day in Pomona and lived to blog about it. He posted this photo essay of his Wednesday visit to Pomona. It's aptly entitled Pomona Hit Job. I'll warn you Pomonians ahead of time that it's pretty brutal. But we're tough, we can take it; half of us have been to prison after all.

Bash made me laugh and I was suprised by the insight he had into some aspects of our city. No hard feelings,Bash, but as a lover of my underdog city, I'm still licking my wounds.

There are some hauntingly good photographs of Pomona on Flickr by local photographers *Mike and XyLe. I guess I expected a few similar images of "urban blight as high art" from Bash. It would appear that Bash also missed seeing Pomona's Lincoln Park Historic District completely. I think he would have run out of film or batteries if he had, given that it is the largest collection of vintage homes on the National Historic Registry with 745 contributing structures.

Unfortunately, Bash has vowed to never return to Pomona. And I suppose that means he won't be purchasing one of these either. So long, Bash. We hardly knew 'ye. And vice versa (which is my main point).

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meg said...

Eh, selectivity is everything -- I could do a similar post for Claremont, or even better for Laverne (which has a higher median income than Claremont).

Wait, didn't Tamara Jensen make a whole movie along these lines about Beverly Hills?