Monday, July 09, 2007

The Molles Manor Family Tree

A 15 foot tall steel fixture on South Towne Avenue (Just north of Philadelphia) is the Molles Manor Family Tree. It must be hard to keep track of ten children, so I suppose this yard tree serves as a good reference for mom and dad Molles, and Pomona people in general.

Here's the run down of where everybody landed:

Parents Dave and Esther - Pomona - 0 miles

Their 10 Children, from the top of the pole down:

Davey - Pomona - 3.8 miles
Dianna - Lancaster - 89.73 miles
Dennis - Corona - 18.7 miles
Doreen - Fontana - 22.45 miles
Darleen - Lancaster - 89.5 miles
Dino - Chino - 5.7 miles
Dawna - N. Las Vegas - 252.66 miles (she fell the farthest from the tree)
Dena - Cucamonga - 17.7 miles
Darren - Claremont - 5.9 miles (you knew one of 'em was bound to do it)
Dion - Temple City - 22.9 miles

The sign was made by Plain Ol Crafts, which is in the 661 area code, and can be reached at, if you want to gets one of these for your own 10 children. I've sent Plain Ol Crafts an email to see if they can give us any more info on Pomona's Molles Manor Family Tree. And if there's a Molles out there or someone who knows a Molles, It'd be great if you weighed in on the subject. By the way, a google search revealed that a Dave Molles owns Danson Restaurant in the 100 block of Yale in Claremont.


Allison said...

Proud to be one of the Molles grandchildred (daughter of Darleen) . . . It's a great family that just keeps growing! Nice to see that our "Family Tree" caught your eye!

justinjake1592 said...

As one the twenty soemthing Grandchildren of David and Esther Molles (who I must mention just celebrated their 58th wedding anniversary on July 4th) I have to say that it's nice to a part of something positive that is recognized in Pomona these days!!!

Andrea said...

Wow I had no idea about this family and I my family has lived here for 19 years! Thanks for all the nice, new info.

pitasam said...

I'm the second on the Family Tree. My husband and I own Plain Ol Crafts, in Lancaster (661)951-9380. This tree was a gift for our parents for their 57th anniversary last year.
Our parents have lived in the same house for 53 years, we all graduated from Garey High School, that was the one wish my father had, that all his children graduated from High School. Mom has always been a stay at home mom, Dad worked for the Pomona water department until he retired in 1992. Our parents did a fantastic job of raising their 10 children.

Kari-Lyn said...

Being a part of the Molles Family is AMAZING! I am number 8 of 21 grandchildren. Daughter of David (1st out of the 10) Our family has been fortunate enough to see eachother on a very frequent basis which means there is never a dull moment. I do not believe there has ever been a month that has gone by that I have not seen anyone in the family. We all live fairly close to one another, the furthest being in Nevada now. The Molles family is VERY unique... that is actually an understatement!
My father owns Espiau's, which is now in Claremont but used to be on Holt Ave., and I have learned that the Molles Family seemed to be quite well known amongst the Pomona community. It is always a joy to hear the various stories people have about our family. I am proud to be a member of such a special group of people! Love you guys!!

For those who read this that wonder what happened to Espiau's Restaurant with the Cheesey Salads... it is located @ 109 Yale Ave. Claremont, Ca 91711
(909) 621-1818

megan danielle :] said...

The Molles family is quite amazing! I'm one of the grandchildren as well, daughter of Doreen, an very proud of it. We are not only a family but we have all grown to be friends an I am more than happy an blessed to say that my family means the absolute most to me. Thank you for finding our Molles Manor Family Tree, I love that thing!! :] Thank you for lettinf the rest of Pomona know about my wonderful family!!

I love you guys!! :]

erich said...

This is Erich, a day late on this whole thing as usual, i am the 11th born grandchild, missed the top 10 by that much! I have never felt less than number one in my family though. I would do anything and give anything for them, I wake up every day and thank god for my fortunes in being born into such a strong family. I love you all!!! MMOE.

eunice said...

this thread is old but i hope some of the Molles members will respond. back in the 80's, when i used to live in Pomona, there was the Molles Manor Haunted House. love, love, love that and always remember looking forwards to it on Halloween. quite possible that my memory is failing me and have the location wrong, but when i recently looked on GoogleEarth, i couldn't find it. i would be so sad to discover that Molles Manor no longer exists as Halloween in Pomona would not be the same.