Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Passing of an Era in Pomona real estate

For as long as anyone can remember, Margaret Ruecker has been the "go to girl" with regard to the sale of historic homes in Lincoln Park. She sold the 1911 craftsman I live in three separate times. The first time we ever drove through Lincoln Park, there were exactly six homes in the district for sale, and all six had Margaret's brown Century 21 sign in their front yard. It didn't take but that one trip to Pomona for us to realize who we needed to have as our agent. Even residents who managed to settle in the area without Margaret's capable assistance still know her name, since her name has appeared on every block in the area at one time or another. Margaret once told me that when a Pomona traffic officer stopped her and asked for her license, his mood changed to one of irreverance as he asked her, "Are you THE Margaret Ruecker?" If you've ever met Margaret, complete with Texas drawl, the gift of gab and usually dressed to the nines, the answer can only be: Officer, there's only one Margaret Ruecker in this town.

Margaret put her Lincoln Park home on the market last month, to the suprise of many. The home sold within a week and currently has a "sale pending" sign out front. She will be leaving Pomona, but not without having left her mark. In addition to passing homes from one worthy stewart to another, she has been active with Pomona Heritage and with obtaining historic status for this area.

Margaret's physical absence will create a virtual free-for-all for other local real estate agents. Already, it's noticeable that Margaret is no longer the only game in town. Current listings in the area include offerings by Arthur Ramos of Mar Investments, Tom & Nicole Troli of Prudential Robert Espinoza of First Team Real Estate, and Eurydice Turk of The Western Group. As it turns out, I received a form letter today from Margaret (less than 24 hours after making this post), announcing that she has formed a partnership called Ruecker & Samuelson Associates. The letter introduces Pat and Carlos Samuelson as the "new faces of the "Vintage Team."" The letter also makes it clear that Margaret plans to continue her involvement in local real estate, stating that, "As always, I will be assuring that your real estate transaction runs as smoothly as possible."


Andrea said...
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meg said...

Eurydice, at least, lives in LP, and she seems pretty energetic and nice.

me said...

No, Margaret is not moving to Claremont. I should probably add that to the bottom of the post, least people think she's doing the "moving to Claremont" thing.

Real estate agent Arthur Ramos and his family also live in LP (and are super cool people who appreciate the historical significance of the homes).

Miss Havisham said...

That looks like a house on the street I grew up on. We loved to play in Lincoln Park.

Katie said...

Hi, I have lived in Lincoln Park for over 23 years, I am in Real Estate as well, with Coldwell Banker Triple Diamond Group in San Dimas. I have always loved the older homes & I am very glad that I choose Lincoln Park to live in. It's a great neighborhood. I have brought several people here to buy Real Estate from Pasadena, Arcadia where I grew up convincing them that Pomona's Lincoln Park was a great area, & alot more reasonably priced. Maragaret Ruecker was my next door neighbor on the East side & I know she has truly been missed.


Katie Kaiser