Wednesday, July 18, 2007

It takes a village to raise (standards at) a Stater brother

I have been meaning to write a letter to Stater Bros. for pretty much...well forever. I encourage anyone reading this blog who shops (or would like to feel comfortable shopping) at our last remaining Pomona Stater Bros., to write them too. I'll make it easy for you, here's their corporate address:

Jack H. Brown, Chairman and CEO
Stater Bros.
21700 Barton Rd., Colton, CA, United States
Phone: 909)783-5000, FAx:(909)783-5098 fax

Suggestions for what you can address in the letter:

1. The absence of hand baskets for about two years now.

2. The homeless people and drug addicts who are allowed to gather all around the building and parking lot.

3. Their installation of a recyclying center which has become a nuisance and brings even more transients into the area.

3. Their not carrying fresh La Brea bakery bread daily like their other locations.

4. Their not adding any(?)/enough additional checkers once the two Pomona stores merged.

5. Their lack of appreciation for their next door neighbor: a stable, residential area where homes sales now top $700,000. A neighborhood whose residents would love to walk to the grocery store, but instead drive across town because they don't feel comfortable at the local SB.

What you can praise them for:

1. Produce that always looks fresh and tidy.

2. Checkers that are downhome and friendly.

3. I suppose the fact that they have kept the Pomona store open at all. Jeesh, how sad!

Maybe if they get enough letters and see that the village cares about standards at the store, they'll actually do something about it. Then again, we could get the City involved to form a committee and study it for a year first. Nah, I think we go grass roots on this one.


Anonymous said...

You obviously want to really screw things up and maybe force Stater zbros. to bail, by getting the goverment involved. You should know better than to involve the government. those nosey ba-----s force themselves int our lives enough, don't invite them

Goddess of Pomona said...

I think you misread the last part of my post, because that's my point exactly: don't get the city involved. That way, maybe we can actually make the needed improvements. So are you going to write a letter?

K said...

I'd noticed the lack of baskets, but thought that perhaps Stater Brothers just didn't believe in 'em. That's a real shame -- the baskets are so much handier when you're just buying a few small things. Surely this isn't a security issue -- when we had a place in Koreatown, which is far sketchier than Pomona, the grocery stores there certainly had little baskets!

Oh, well. I guess talking to the store manager is just a waste of time (I seem to recall some older posts about that)?

me said...

the manager claims that the baskets were all stolen. Funny, I haven't seen them on the streets or at my neighbors' houses. I geuss they figure that they will be stolen again if they restock, so why bother.

Hey, I saw a real strict looking security guard outside Stater Bros yesterday asking people to leave the grass area. I did not recognize the security guard, or the uniform frankly. could it be the letters?

Mark said...

I have written two different times to the powers in charge at Stator Bros and have never recieved any satisfaction in answer or action from them. I have taken to talking directly to the Manager with problems including his running of the store. At least I feel better.